Nine Howard University students were led by Ethel Hedgemon (Lyle) into forming a sisterhood in 1908. Five years later, Nellie Quander and her gallant and visionary associates contributed the added dimension of an international organization and perpetual membership. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated® is proud of her more than 1,060 chapters and more than 325,000 initiated members in 11 nations and all states.

By uniting the talents of more than 325,000 individuals, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated® has built a strong, cohesive organization that positively impacts the lives of families and communities. The Sorority’s success is based on the depth of commitment, vision and confidence of its members. 


We always welcome anyone interested in transferring from general membership or another chapter to Omicron Theta Omega! In order to transfer, you must obtain the consent of your former chapter by completing the Transfer Verification Form. 

You can find the Transfer Verification Form here.

Transfer Verification Form  


Omicron Theta Omega always welcomes those ready to return to active membership! If you have been inactive for over a year, we are elated that you are choosing OTO as your home chapter. Visiting members can attend a meeting to get acquainted with the chapter and learn more about Omicron Theta Omega.

To reactivate with Omicron Theta Omega, complete and submit the Graduate Chapter Reactivation Form below to, plus money order/certified check for reactivation/reinstatement fees, chapter dues, fees and assessments, as applicable.

Graduate Chapter Reactivation Form

*Only submit this form if you have been inactive for one year or more


Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated® seeks women who will promote, uphold, and extend its policies and programs. 


  • Completion of a baccalaureate degree, with at least a C+ cumulative average (2.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale), or a graduate or professional degree (Ph.D., M.D., J.D., etc.) from an accredited college or university.
  • Motivation and talents to help promote, implement and extend policies and programs of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated®.

The Sorority's official graduate Membership Intake Process (MIP) is by invitation only and my not be solicited. 

For more information, please visit 

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